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Learning about the harlem renaissance in this lesson from the new york times, students learn about the artists of the harlem renaissance. It asks students to apply their knowledge of various poetic techniques to popular song lyrics and draw connections between the two forms. Their research culminates in a harlem renaissance fair celebrating the movements cultural and artistic contributions to society. Proquest information and learning example lesson plan harlem renaissance page 1 proquest learning. The opening discussion can be used as a starting point for reading andor research activities. The teacher will then transition to the days lesson. Radio was the most dominant form of media in the 1920s. Introduce high school students to the harlem renaissance, duke ellington, langston. Harlem renaissance lesson plan syracuse university. Lesson planprocedures the renaissance and reformation. Inspire your students with videos, games and activities aligned to state and national standards. A memoir, sees 1921 as the beginning of the harlem renaissance. Dubois think was the best way for africanamerican writers to show racial pride. The harlem renaissance and a raisin in the sun timeline with details, harlem renaissance.

Harlem renaissance high school district 5 insideschools. Harlem renaissance high school 22 east 128th street new york, ny 10035. In this lesson eighth through twelfth grade students read selected poems and listen to jazz had its roots in the harlem renaissance. Here is a complex lesson plan that interweaves the history of the jim crow south and the great migration with the study of poetry, art, and blues music from the harlem renaissance.

Teaching the harlem renaissance and black history month is so important, and secondary ela teachers have a responsibility to teach with intention. For the lesson introduction, the teacher will show a short video on youtube, which highlights what the harlem renaissance was and its significance. Harlem renaissance free american history lesson plans. The harlem renaissance lesson plan lesson plan pbs. In this lesson high school students are introduced to african american art and music. The harlem renaissance was a vibrant time that was characterized by innovations in art, literature, music, poetry, and dance. Students will work in groups to demonstrate an understanding of the harlem renaissance by creating an interactive presentation that teaches their peers. This multiday lesson, which can be adapted for middle and high school students, would best serve as a wrapup to an introductory unit on poetry and poetic devices. Free classroom lesson plans and unit plans for teachers.

Many africanamericans migrated to the north in the early 20th century. This unit offers a rich and exciting experience for students, in which. Harlem renaissance high school is ranked 923rd out of 1,339 ranked schools in new york, for total students on lunch assistance the percentage of harlem renaissance high school students on free and reduced lunch assistance 77. The second great migration highlights the shift in tone in the media and visual and literary images of the african americans migrant experience from novelty, excitement, and creativity to deterioration, lament, loss, and despair. Changes in africanamerican expression from the harlem renaissance to the present. You may know the harlem globetrotters, but do you know the harlem renaissance. Harlem renaissance high school, in partnership with the new york mission society, provides a small, supportive academic environment for students who havent had success at their previous high school. Resources for high school lesson plans pbs learningmedia.

Check out this lesson from a classroom teacher who uses common sense education. In this harlem lesson, students pick from a list of topics all related to the harlem renaissance. Also in this decade, the more educated population heavily consumed newspapers and magazines. Harlem renaissance lesson plan african american studies. This unit is designed for atrisk high school students. This lesson begins with a summary of the history and chronology of the. Comparingcontrasting and reproducing the paintings of lois mailou jones and aaron douglas lesson plan ii. The harlem renaissance was a period of time in the early 1900s when africanamerican music, literature, and art flourished. Here are some points to consider and some free resources to get you started. Today, we remember the harlem renaissance in the writing of langston hughes, the jazz of duke ellington, and the performances of josephine baker. Direction instructionclass activities the teacher will ask students to consider why the renaissance occurred and what forces drove the new way of thinking in italy, and eventually the rest of europe. Review the timeline of some of the significant moments in african.

The harlem renaissance educational resources k12 learning. Not a ball team, but a movement that affects american art, literature, and music today. Looking for connecting art, history, culture, and ela. Primary source set and teachers guide lesson plan template and teaching resources. Ap examsapushbetsy devoscoronaviruscovid19distance learningeducator voiceonline learningremote learningsari beth rosenbergschool. Harlem renaissance lesson plan syracuse university libraries. In this lesson, students will analyze poetry and art from the harlem renaissance. To ensure that high school students can understand, comprehend, discuss, identify, and analyze different aspects of poetry. Many africanamericans migrated to the north in the early 20th century and encountered social and cultural problems, though community members, and writers encouraged them to fight back. Why did so many african americans go to harlem between 1910 and 1930.

Visualizing jazz scenes of the harlem renaissance teachervision. Countee cullen, soon to become a noted poet, published his poem i have a rendezvous with life in dewitt clinton high schools literary magazine, of which he was an editor, in january of that year. Its part of a huge library of lessons that span grades k12 and every school subject. Browse or search thousands of free teacher resources for all grade levels and subjects. Learn nc recommends a lesson plan that can be used for eighthgraders that has students reading certain poetry pieces and then comparing them to. Music and entertainment of the harlem renaissance teachercreated lesson plan common sense education. Also, students will demonstrate acquired knowledge through their work. Students research, evaluate, and synthesize information about the harlem renaissance from varied resources, create an exhibit, and highlight connections across disciplines i. Photographs, authors drafts, sheet music, an audio recording, and newspaper articles from the collections of the library of congress let students explore the artistic. Remote learning information harlem renaissance high school. A harlem renaissance night to showcase student work and student readings lesson plan i. The harlem renaissance was an age during which africanamericans sought to.

This lesson plan, which may be adapted for middle or high school, asks students to conduct close readings of poetry and examine the interaction between poetry and its historical context. A capt language arts guided reactionresponse to the excerpt from their eyes were watching god. In this lesson, learn about the events of the harlem renaissance, and. Upper middle and high school students will explore the harlem renaissance through engaging lessons, activities, and projects. Create a free account to gain full access to the website. Culture and the harlem renaissance louis armstrong, langston hughes, and babe ruth roaring twenties exam harlem renaissance film clip powerpoint lesson 7 culture and the harlem renaissance the twentieth century way lesson plan pdf lesson 7 culture and the harlem renaissance twentieth century way unit. What impact did the writers of the harlem renaissance have on modern american. During the video, students will write down all of the major themes and developments from the video. Teaching the harlem renaissance with intention the. Teach your students about the harlem renaissance with this lesson. Many of the influences seen in the poetry of the harlem renaissance can also be seen in its music, such as cultural themes. The students will be able to identify the main literary devices of poetry.

This unit asks students to read about the harlem renaissance, consider african american culture, and collaborate on creating an artwork in the style of artist aaron douglas. Use this lesson plan for the harlem renaissance to explore the contributions of africanamerican artists, writers, and performers in the form of a webquest. In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 312, students use brainpop resources to research, evaluate, and synthesize information about the harlem renaissance from a variety of resources. Provide backgroundhistory of the harlem renaissance timeline with details, harlem renaissance. Activities include creating your own documentary film and museum exhibit. An excellent example of an artsintegrated curriculum, it allows students to explore the harlem renaissance through the prism of language arts, history, and art. Fast forward to this year as im planning how to bring the harlem renaissance to. They discuss the similarities and differences of themes. Black children went to separate schools and black athletes. Find resources and activities for high school lesson plans. Culture in the 1920s changed including the rise of womens rights, an economic boom, and the harlem renaissance the harlem renaissance was a time where people came to harlem to write poetry, stories, develop music, and paint all in an attempt to show how unfairly african. Another important contributor to the harlem renaissance was poet, novelist, and curator arna bontemps. The harlem renaissance movement and its music lesson planet. A teacher directions page explains several different options for using the materials in a stations lesson plan on.

Activities for middle school students on the harlem. Inspect the harlem renaissance area for any missing pieces in the representation of the harlem renaissance jazz scene. Arts integration unit plan milwaukee public schools. Ask students why they think harlem became a social and cultural center for africanamericans in the 1920s. In this unit, students conduct internet research, work with an interactive venn diagram tool, and create a museum exhibit that highlights the work of selected artists, musicians, and poets. Learn about the cultural revival known as the harlem renaissance. High schoolers complete a group research project on the harlem renaissance. Culture and the harlem renaissance by the 1920s, the number of americans attending high school greatly increased. Students will discuss major themes of the harlem renaissance.

Lesson plan for us historyenglish 6th10th grades time frame. Culture is everything that surrounds people including, music, writing, and other art forms. Meet influential poets, musicians, and artists of the period. This engaging activity on the harlem renaissance includes 23 pages on major authors, artists, and musicians of the era along with readings, primary sources, graphic organizers, and more.

Teach students about the harlem renaissance with this fun. In this lesson students will discover the magic of the harlem renaissance through bontemps. Lesson plans, unit plans, and classroom resources for your teaching needs. Teaching the harlem renaissance with intention the secondary. Teaching the harlem renaissance and black history month is so important. Harlem renaissance lesson plans and lesson ideas brainpop.

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