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These lecture notes aim to introduce these concepts at the introductory level, using the simplest possible mathematics. Syllabus, lecture notes, and homework assignments will be posted on the website. Omar, elementary solid state physics, addisonwesley, 1993. I find these lecture notes from sergey frolov quite nice. In this course, we will utilize various physics laws learned in this course or previous courses to understandexplain the interesting phenomena in various solid state materials, in preparation for future scientific research on solid states physics and material sciences. I think the best chapters are like the first 8 on crystals, scattering, and blochs theorem, and then chapters 1823 on phonons and specific heat. Notes on density functional theory pedagogical examles of using character tables of point groups. What are the best online resources to learn solid state. The quantities n and k are collectively called theopticalconstantsof the solid, where n is the index of refraction and k is the extinction coecient. It will greatly help those students who cannot afford coaching to crack different competitive examinations like csirugc net, gate, iit jam, jest, tifr, barc, combined geophysicist and geologist exam, set etc.

The physics and chemistry of solids elliott, wiley. Advanced solid state physics notes this note covers the following topics includes. Lectures on theoretical physics classical mechanics. A fundamental property of a crystalline solid is its periodicity. Topics include crystal structure, symmetries in solids, lattice vibrations, thermal physics of solids, electronic states in solids, electronic transport phenomena, semiconductors, superconductivity, magnetism, ferroelectricity, defects and optical phenomena. Lecture 2 vortex pairing and fractionalization no notes available g. Luth, springerverlag another very popular book on the subject, with quite a bit of information in it. Free download solid states short notes pdf complete. Solid state physics aph 114 series atwater research group. The course will provide a valuable theoretical introduction and an overview of the fundamental applications of the physics of solids. It covers the basics of band structure, fermi surfaces, phonons, and particles in magnetic fields. In introductory course on solid state physics, aimed at final year undergraduates. Solid state physics part ii optical properties of solids. Free solid state physics books download ebooks online.

Lecture 2 lowdimensional transport and quasiparticle confinement. It gives a bit of the basics of solid state physics, but also gives the applications. The best app for cbse students now provides solid state class 12 notes chemistry latest chapter wise notes for quick preparation of. Of condensed matter physics, frontiers in physics lecture notes series. Honestly, i dont think all of the chapters are good. Introduction to solid state physics kittel, wiley covers a huge amount in basic detail. Download lecture notes for solid state physics pdf 40p download free online book chm pdf.

Solid state physics 601 fall 2017 with jak chakhalian homework assignemnts will be graded by yazhong wang yw295 at tgers. Solid state physics phys 40352 by mike godfrey spring 2012 last changed on may 22, 2017. Karmalkar, department of electrical engineering, iit madras. Results from undergraduate quantum mechanics are used freely, but the language of second quantization is not. More advanced than hook and hall solid state physics, by n. Berry curvature, semiclassical electron dynamics, and. This course integrates theory of solid state physics with experimental demonstrations in the research physics lab. Over 340 papers on devicesphysics parijat sengupta. Elasticity, fluctuations and thermodynamics of crystals, thermodynamics of phonons, hohenbergmerminwagner theorem. Chapter 1 introduction to crystal structures chapter 2 physical methods for characterizing solids chapter 3 synthesis of solids chapter 4 bonding in solids and electronic properties chapter 5 defects and nonstoichiometry chapter 6 microporous and mesoporous solids. Lecture notes on solid state physics a work in progress daniel arovas department of physics university of california, san diego february 25, 2015 contents. One introductory level solid state physics course is prerequired e. In particular, the lecture about majorana fermions is quite nice to have an idea on why its important.

These notes provide an introduction to the fun bits of quantum field theory, in particular those topics related to topology and strong coupling. Bloch theorem, phonons in one dimension, periodicity, effect of a basis on the electronic structure, crystal structures, the reciprocal lattice. Solid state physics phy211a course syllabus pdf file lecture notes. Pdf lecture notes on solid state physics daniel arovas. Mermin, holtsanders this is the standard complete introduction to solid state physics. Lecture notes for solid state physics rudolf peierls centre. These lecture notes constitute a course on a number of central concepts of solid state physics classification of solids, band theory, the developments in oneelectron band theory in the presence of perturbation, effective hamiltonian theory, elementary excitations and the various types of collective elementary excitation excitons, spin waves and phonons, the fermi liquid, ferromagnetic. Lecture notes for solid state physics pdf 40p download book. This course examines classical and quantum models of electrons and lattice vibrations in solids, emphasizing physical models for elastic properties, electronic transport, and heat capacity. West, basic solid state chemistry solid state chemistry lecture notes. Low dimensional systems as promising thermoelectric materials. Solid state physics phy211a university of california.

Solid state physics lecture notes pdf lecture notes for solid state physics. Solid state class 12 notes chemistry in pdf are available for free download in mycbseguide mobile app. Please do email me if you find any typos or mistakes. Lecture notes part 1 appendices ag pdf 140 pages timeindependent perturbation theory.

This book gives a great introduction to solid state physics ideas. Introduction to solid state physics lecture notes homework 1. Solid state class 12 notes chemistry mycbseguide cbse. Lecture note on crystal structures solid state physics article pdf available. Lecture notes on phonon i lattice waves solid state physics. Lecture 1 introduction on solid state devices youtube. Lecture 3 revealing quantum critical points in the high tc phase diagram. Perturbation theory and nearlyfree electron model pdf lecture notes. Unfinished revolution popular article notes on density functional theory. This course includes theoretical description of crystal and electronic structure, lattice dynamics, and optical properties of different. Introduction to solid state physics lecture notes download book. Ion implantation and rutherford backcattering spectroscopy. Lecture notes for solid state physics pdf 40p download. Ziman, principles of the theory of solids, chapter 7.

Welcome to the 2020 run of the solid state physics course tn2844. This is a part of lecture note on solid state physics phys. For the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. Schrodinger equation, quantization, quantization of the electromagnetic field, photonic crystals, phonons, electrons, crystal physics, magnetism and response to electric and magnetic fields, transport regimes, quasiparticles, dielectrics and ferroelectrics, superconductivity. Physics 520 or 463 quantum field theory is not required and will be covered as part of the course. Lecture notes on condensed matter physics a work in.

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