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Objectives design several lengths of dipole antennas. Pdf high frequency structure simulator hfss tutorial. A compact coplanar waveguide fed wideband monopole antenna. Generally people dont think of radiofrequency radiation in terms of discrete particles oscillating electrons and photons they typically use the wave model instead, as its much easier to use.

Pdf design of a small printed monopole antenna for. Hence, a rectangular shaped ground plane is designed and will be simulated using ansoft hfss. The parameters evaluated were gain, beamwidth and return loss. The antennas have omnidirectional and stable radiation pattern. An inefficient antenna produces a smallamplitude em wave for the same feed power, and converts most of the power into heat. Getting started with hfss v9 for antenna design october, 2003 this getting started training material is intended for new users of hfss. Since last six years i have worked on numerous patch antenna designs and most of them were designed using fr4 substrate. The next step is to learn some of the options for getting better performance for. On the theoretical analysis of radiation pattern and. Click the project fil e and select insert insert hfss design from the men u. Due to its planar configuration and ease of integration with microstrip technology, the microstrip patch antenna has been heavily studied and is often used as elements for an array.

This laboratory experiment provides a handson tutorial for drafting an antenna simple monopole and simulating radiation in the ansys hfss modeling tool. This is essentially your complex radiation resistance. The parameters such as return loss, vswr and radiation pattern are taken. Preparation before coming to the laboratory to perform this assignment, the students should prepare the following. The proposed antenna, which was designed and simulated using the fembased hfss, is based. Pdf yagiuda antenna for navigational aids using hfss.

Design and simulation of crescent monopole antenna for 4g lte. From the h fss menu select solution type and driven modal. Em numerical modeling of a monopole home page for the georgia. Rectangular monopole antenna, printed circuit board, ansoft hfss i. Comparison of different planar monopole uwb antenna using hfss ria kalra, sukhdeep kaur abstract since the release by the federal communications commission fcc of a bandwidth of 7. Introduction in this tutorial, a dipole antenna will be. Fig 6 design of single patch antenna in hfss simulation results the 2x2 patch array antenna is simulated using ansoft hfss. However, an inductor coil at the base of a monopole adds electrical length, so the physical length of the antenna can be shorter. Hfss is used to provide a good guide for the antenna design before the actual prototype is manufactured. In case of antennas these quantities include the radiation pattern of antennas. Pdf on jan 1, 2004, hussain alrizzo and others published simulations of dipole antenns using hfss find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate.

But illustrates sizes and importance of good antenna design why microstrip antennas. Monopole antenna is a one half of a dipole antenna. This video demonstrates how to perform post processing on the dipole antenna in ansys hfss. Ansys hfss simulates 3d fullwave electromagnetic fields for. Modelling, designing and simulating a monopole antenna in hfss. Simulation of bradband rectangular monopole antenna. The following notes will provide a brief summary of goals. The example will illustrate both the simplicity and power of. Comparison of different planar monopole uwb antenna using hfss.

Monopole antenna design using hfss forum for electronics. A quarter wavelength monopole is one of the easiest antennas to model. Part i covers basic antenna theory including gain, directivity, dipole, monopole, and arrays. Clarify measurements of reflection coefficient of the antenna and its radiation pattern. Planar monopole antenna, ultra wide band, hfss, bandwidth. Design of an 868 mhz printed sshape monopole antenna. Although this kind of loaded antenna will appear to be a quarterwave.

Thesis broadband impedance matching of antenna radiators. The characteristics specifications of yagiuda antenna such as radiation pattern, s11 return loss, impedance matching and gain are analyzed in this work. The objective is to provide a very thorough introduction to hfss as applied to antenna design, which may be followed stepbystep in hfss with the investment of only a few hours of time. Design a rhombic antenna to operate at 20mhz when the angle of elevation angle 10o. To request an instructor pack, please email email protected, including details of your institution and the course you are teaching. An efficient resonant antenna 14 wavelength or longer produces a largeamplitude em wave for a given feed power, and produces little heat. The modern world depends upon antennas, from simple monopole whips to complicated arrays. In this tutorial, a dipole antenna will be constructed and analyzed using the hfss simulation software by ansoft. Using this technique it is feasible to provide a match to a thin monopole over a 4. Alwa ys create a persona l folder to store all hfss p rojects. Pdf microstrip antenna suffers from narrow bandwidth. I designed a hairpin monopole antenna on the hfss software for my minor project work and now for my major project work i was instructed by my mentors that i should fabricate an advancement of the. The focus is on many of the various antennas that might be encountered in a wireless lan system.

Rectaangular microstrip patch antenna for wireless. Hfss for the dipole antenna ansoft high frequency structure. Identify a workstation in our school or remote login portal with an installation andor license for running ansys hfss electromagnetic modeling software. If we assume othe average beamwidth of rhombic antenna as 10, then design an antenna system such that it will radiate maximum power over the. Design of printed rectangular monopole antenna using hfss duration. As an example, consider a coaxial cable connected to a halfwave dipole antenna shown in figure 1. This antenna has 140 mhz bandwidth, return loss at centre frequency has less than 16. When the feed point is moved to the shortcircuited end of the slot or inf antenna, the impedance decreases. In this tutorial, a dipole antenna will be constructed and analyzed using. The ability of an antenna to focus electromagnetic energy is defined by its gain. Pdf high frequency structure simulator hfss tutorial otman. Utilize commercial simulation software hfss for antenna performance analysis. Basic understanding of the antenna we will model one of the most basic antennas so that we can simulate a load, and design a matching network.

Thus in this tutorial, a dipole antenna will be constructed and analyzed using the hfss simulator. I tried the design of monopole using both lump port and wave port. A monopole antenna is a class of radio antenna consisting of a straight rodshaped conductor, often mounted perpendicularly over some type of conductive surface, called a ground plane. The scopes defined for this project are as follow understanding the antenna concept. The antennas will be fed by a balun balancedunbalanced transformer for balanced excitation. The driving signal from the transmitter is applied, or for receiving antennas the output signal to the receiver is taken, between the lower end of the monopole and the ground plane. Wideband blade monopole antenna with sleeved coaxial feed. Chapter 3, 2nd edition, publishing house of electronics industry, beijing, 2243. For very large arrays, the hfss simulation will need to include linked boundaries and a unit cell radiator. Probe feed patch antenna 2 probe feed patch antenna getting started click the microsoft start button, select all programsansoft hfss 12 hfss 12 or double click on the hfss 12 icon on the windows desktop adding a project and design to insert a design into an open project. Small antennas basic principles of electrically small antennas by gary breed editorial director e.

This thesis introduces a new technique of impedance matching using lumped circuits passive, lossless for electrically small nonresonant dipole monopole antennas. In this approachinstead of modifying the antenna geometry a passive network attempts to equalize the impedance mismatch between the source and the antenna load. You can even use a linked hfss simulation as the source. Cable effects on measuring small planar uwb monopole. Microstrip patch antenna simulation setup for microstrip fed patch antenna. This paper presents a coplanar monopole antenna structure for the band from 900mhz9. Introduction in this tutorial, a dipole antenna will be constructed and analyzed using the hfss simulation software by ansoft. The slot antenna can be considered as a loaded version of the inf antenna.

The antenna in figure 1 is a left handed helix antenna, because if you curl your fingers on your left hand around the helix your thumb would point up also, the waves emitted from this helix antenna are left hand circularly polarized. Multiband monopole and microstrip patch antennas for gsm and dcs bands. Hfss, cst microwave studio electromagnetic hardware. The impedance matching network will be placed between the 50. The antenna is capable of wideband operation with improved impedance and pattern bandwidth and requires. Microstrip patch antenna design santa clara university. The performance and behavior of the antenna is analyzed using the results obtained from the simulation process. The patch antenna is a good place to start for antenna fundamentals with more coming. Starting hfss follow instructions from the hfss stripline laboratory tutorial for any pop ups that may occur.

Antenna gain is expressed as a ra tio of the effective radiated output power pout to the input power pin the gain of an antenna is a measure of power transmitted relative. Design appropriate impedance matching networks for those antennas. Design and simulation of planar monopole antenna for uwb. Identify a workstation in our school or remote login portal with an installation andor license for running ansys hfss electromagnetic modeling. Ee2032 simulation of a 4 monopole in ansys hfss short introduction to ansys hfss ansys hfss is a software package to. Fabricate a single antenna to operate in microwave frequency range. Thus to design a compact uwb monopole antenna, the ground plane is usually the one to be minimized. Whats the thickness of fr4 substrate that one should take. We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better. If the helix antenna was wound the other way, it would be a right handed helical antenna. Designing a planar monopole antenna with a small ground plane to cover the uwb is not a difficult task and can be achieved through different techniques 17. The example will illustrate both the simplicity and power of hfss through construction and simulation of this antenna structure. This paper reports a new form monopole antenna composed of the sleeved coaxial feed attached to a planar monopole.

This antenna is based on the planar rectangle monopole antenna. Simulation of hairpin monopole antenna using high frequency. Pdf monopole antenna simulation in hfss find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. Monopole above a pec a, and the equivalent source in free space b. Explain resonant and nonresonant modes of long wire antenna. We will examine the topic using the this tutorial looks at electrically small antennas, which have always been, and will. The characteristic of the antenna can be improved by altering the figure of the radiation patch and the ground. Hfss tutorial modelling a patch antenna, how to generate radiation pattern of antenna arrays in matlab, antenna diversity analysis for 800 mhz mimo matlab, pcb antenna design simulation and fabrication with matlab, hfss monopole antenna simulation, antennas and antenna arrays design and analysis with matlab, rflaboratorymanual. Their work is approved for submission in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of bachelor of technology. Design of broadband monopole microstrip antenna using. Ansoft high frequency structure simulator hfss is used to simulate expected characteristics which are resonant frequency, bandwidth, vswr, and radiation pattern. Once you create the loop in hfss, simply look at the real and imaginary z of the antenna. For example, a uwb signal centered at 5 ghz typically extends across 4 ghz and 6 ghz. Instructor resources for antenna analysis and design with feko electromagnetic simulation software an instructor pack is available for instructors who have adopted the book for a course.

Generally people dont think of radiofrequency radiation in terms of discrete. The beauty of this antenna is the use of single patch which make it easy to fabricate consequently cost of antenna becomes cheaper. Ansoft high frequency structure simulator tutorial the dipole antenna april 2004. Using image theory, the fields above the ground plane can be found by using the equivalent source antenna in free space as shown in figure 1b. Vector network analyzer 8 talks and presentations presented a paper titled bandwidth enhancement of printed monopole antennas using magnetodielectric cover in ieee applied electro magnetic conference aemc, at iit guwahati, december 2015. Hopefully, this tutorial raises the awareness of loss and efficiency issues with small antennas. A guidance to design monopole 2d and 3d and microstrip patch antennas by using ansoft hfss, without experience. The simulation results with hfss software prove that the. Introduction the use of a single wideband antenna which covers a wide range of frequencies is very desirable for many applications including wireless and high data rate communication, position and tracking, sensing and imaging, and radar. Due to the nature of this design we will use driven modal as the solution type. Design of broadband monopole microstrip antenna using rectangular slot. Comparison of different planar monopole uwb antenna using. The proposed uhf band of yagiuda antenna has been designed by using ansys hfss tool for the application of navigational aids.

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